Rest and refuel at one of our cafes this summer!

Rest and refuel at one of our cafes this summer!

The summer has arrived and it’s about to be a hot one! What’s a better way to cool down than with a selection of our refreshing drinks and cocktails?!

Read on to discover the latest additions to our menu, indulging in all that summer has to offer!

Beat the heat with the ultimate summer drink. Our cooling lemonade is homemade and comes in two tasty flavours – strawberry and watermelon.

A good old-fashioned milkshake never disappoints. Paired with fresh strawberries and whole milk, it’s creamy, sweet and icy-cold.

Quench your summer thirst with our ripe peach iced tea. Made with peach syrup and real fruit – it’s the ideal midday refresher.

A steaming cup of coffee is probably not what you’re after on a hot day. With the iced coffee season in full swing, our vanilla and caramel iced coffee drink is the perfect blend of espresso, milk, vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream.

And if coffee is your thing, then our espresso martini is a strong contender for a post-meal drink. Rich, smooth and totally irresistible – it’s a dessert, a coffee and a cocktail all in one.

British summers are synonymous with a glass of traditional Pimm’s. Together with fresh fruit and a touch of mint, it’s a light yet sophisticated pick for all those warm summer afternoons.

Gin and tonic are a match made in heaven. You’ve got to try our elderflower version, which adds a floral note to this classic drink.

And if you’re longing for an Italian escape, step into our Marlow café for a bubbly, zesty tipple. With hints of herbs and a citrusy aroma, Aperol spritz is a summer staple.

Elegant and tangy in taste, our cosmopolitan cocktails are the talk of the town. While there are many variations, we mix ours with Cointreau, vodka, cranberry juice and lime.


Summers couldn’t ever be complete without our long-running specialities. Returning in style, our forest salmon buddha bowl is matched with poached egg, avocado and hummus – finished with a garnish of olives and seasonal salad leaves.

With flavours of pineapple, mango, passionfruit and coconut milk, topical fruit lovers are in for a real delight. Our latest smoothie bowl combo is topped with granola, goji berries and chia seeds – worthy of an Instagram photo if you ask us!


With temperatures set to soar over the coming months, our cafés make for the perfect pit stop to rest and refuel.

Whether you want to catch the sunrays from our tables outside or shield from the head inside, we’re got a range of tasty accompaniments to celebrate the arrival of summer! Visit us in Marlow at 91 High Street, SL7 1AB or pop in to see us in Lane End at 2 High Street, HP14 3JF.